Kyoori Fusuma

Introduction of Kyoto Textile (Kyoori) Fusuma Paper

Rooted in the town
Traditional Industry
Kyoori Fusuma Paper

Kizugawa City used to have a thriving textile and fusuma paper industry.
It grew along with the high economic growth period and became a major industry.

Although demand for fusuma paper has declined with changes in housing styles, Kizugawa City still manufactures nearly 90% of all woven fusuma paper in Japan.
Kyoori fusuma paper is a traditional Japanese industry that we can be proud of in the world.

What is “Kyoori Fusuma Paper”?

Textiles produced in Kyoto and surrounding areas.
Interior decoration materials used for sliding doors, walls, ceilings, shoji screens, folding screens, etc.
Started with cotton and linen fabrics developed in the Kizugawa City basin in the southern part of Kyoto Prefecture.
The production of sliding door grounds began in the late Meiji Era and developed along with the high growth period of the Showa Era.
We have learned from our predecessors who had responded to the changes of the times and new needs, then built up their skills. We are committed to preserving the tradition.

The characteristics of Kyoori fusuma paper are:

They are woven using natural materials and have a natural texture and warmth, moisture control, light shading, and heat retention functions.
They are also durable and have a beautiful design.

Outline of the Association
About Yamashiro Textile Association

During the high-growth period of the Showa era (1926-1989), we developed our business thanks to strong housing construction demand and the economic boom of the bubble-economy era, including the manufacture of woven fusuma paper and the use of fusuma ground as wallpaper to meet the lifestyle shift from Japanese-style to Western-style rooms.

In recent years, however, manufacturing and sales volumes have declined along with the decreasing number of new housing starts. This trend is expected to continue because the population declines, and the number of Japanese-style rooms decreases due to remodeling and reconstruction.

Toward the future, this association was established among textile-related companies in Kizugawa City to promote a project to communicate the potential of woven fusuma paper to the rest of the country and to the world.
We will carry out activities to promote and sell the products domestically and internationally, while stepping up quality assurance and other businesses.

NameYamashiro Textile Association
LocationPostal Code 619-0204
 5 Kamikomano-Nobimukai, Yamashiro-cho, Kizugawa-shi, Kyoto, Japan
EstablishmentSeptember 2020
RepresentativeMasatoshi Morimoto, Chairman of the Board

Ishizaki Orimono Nobori-oji Plant

We mainly weave interior fabrics (wallpaper and fusuma paper), as well as kitchen cloths, miscellaneous goods, apparel, and automobile-related fabrics. We are striving to improve our techniques with the mindset of “weaving any kind of material.

17, Kageinai-Kagai, Camacho, Kizugawa-shi, Kyoto, Japan
Representative: ISHIZAKI Noriyoshi

Erimo Industrial Co., Ltd.

As a manufacturer of wallpaper made mainly from natural materials such as woven fabrics and Japanese paper, we are one of the top producers and direct importer and exporter of wallpaper.

3 Tonamifunaya,, Kamo-cho, Kamo, Kizugawa, Kyoto, Japan
Representative: NAKAMURA Yoshiyuki

Kojima Orimono Co.

We manufacture and sell woven wallpaper and woven fusuma paper using natural materials such as hemp, cotton, and rayon yarn made from wood, in integrated production from weaving to the final product. 

1-3, Kitanodashiba, Kamikoma, Yamashiro-cho, Kizugawa-shi, Kyoto
Representative: KOJIMA Hajime

Maruyoshi Industry Co

We can help you to combine all kinds of materials with our technology. We will satisfy your requests such as collaboration of the latest material lamination technology while making you feel the goodness of traditional textile.

1 Souraku Hachigatsubo, Kizugawa, Kyoto,Japan
Representative: FUKUOKA Sadao

Morimoto Orimono Co.

We manufacture and sell woven sliding door paper and wallpaper. These products are made of natural materials and have natural texture and warmth, moisture control, light shading, heat retention, tear resistance, and beautiful design.

 5 Kamikomano Hyuga, Yamashiro-cho, Kizugawa-shi, Kyoto
Representative: MORIMOTO Masatoshi

Yamazaki Interior Industry Co.

If you want to make wallpaper from curtain fabrics… if you want to make fusuma (sliding doors) from kimono or yukata fabrics… if you want to have non-flammable treatment for Buddhist altar fittings, etc… please use woven fusuma paper and wallpaper.

50 Nakagakiuchi, Kawahara, Kamo-cho, Kizugawa-shi, Kyoto
Representative: YAMAZAKI Morihiko

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